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Ordering procedure

1. Provisional evaluation – can be provided at our office or e-mailed as a reply to your inquiry

At our headquarters – in Zabłudów, ul. Kol. Zabłudów Miasto 5/5. It is recommended to plan your visit during the daylight and in dry conditions, for bigger part of materials is placed outside and wet granite will not give the real colour. When planning such visit, it is useful to take a piece of your furniture, tile used on walls and floors and other elements of interior, which could be helpful when choosing a stone suitable for your house. At evaluation stage a drawing of your kitchen or just furniture with dimensions are required. Moreover, it is worth denoting, what type of wash-basin you prefer.  When visiting our office, you would be given a range of different types of granite, marble as whole slabs or just samples.

• You would then be replied by fax or e-mail. It is also helpful to fax or e-mail us projection and dimensions of the desired elements. The more information on your project are sent, the better. This information shall include:

Projections and dimensions of table tops or cabinets.

• Name of stone or denotation on a desired colour

• Edge type (straight polish, quarter round, profile collar, mills)

• Sink type (suspended, inserted or levelled with a top)

• Hob type (inserted or integrated)

• Personal data including the project site, contact data and any other details, which might help us to provide a provisional evaluation of the project.

* Provisional evaluation is based upon delivered dimensions.

2. Order placing

To place an order please follow these instructions.

• Furniture has to be arranged as normal and well levelled.

• Kitchen appliances should be arranged as normal. This applies to cookers, refrigerator, dish-washer etc.

• If there’s any old top installed on the furniture it should be dismounted prior to our arrival.  It is not our duty.

• If the order is placed for the very first time, when taking measurements a security of 150 PLN has to be lodged. It is then deducted from your order when placed.

Our assembly team should try to get you familiarized with all technical data in detail, so it is advisable that on the site there is investor or architect, whom these information might be passed.

3. Final price

• Final price is estimated on basis of accurate measurements taken at the site.  Top completion and assembly normally takes from 10 to 30 working days from the final price confirmation date.

4. Assembly

• Assembly is the closing stage of the project. Prior to the work completion (top lining) it is necessary to cash or transfer on confirmation the final price. The payment must be effected on the day of assembly at the latest. This condition is necessary to approach the assembly completion. Our team shall mount he top and provide joints, if required. Finally the sink shall be installed and the top impregnated. Hydraulic and electric works are not our duties.